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Thermal Imaging Calgary from Canadian Residential Inspection Services

Thermal imaging (also known as infrared imaging) is where photographs or videos are taken of an area and they are made up of heat signatures rather than light. This allows you to see things that would otherwise be hidden and invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging technology was actually originally developed during the Vietnam War to find enemy soldiers at night. From there the benefits of the technique were further progressed and moved into medical imaging, industrial testing and, finally, to the construction trades. A thermal imaging inspection will assist in finding where heat is escaping from a building. The thermal imaging picture will show you exactly which areas of the building need to be improved.

Why do I need Thermal Imaging Services?

You should consider getting the services of a thermal imaging inspection company like Dario Inspects from Canadian Residential Inspection Services to check your home as it can help to reduce your heating bills. You will also indirectly be helping the environment if we reduce the amount of energy wasted to heat the house. On the images generated, blue areas show the least heat loss and red and yellow areas show the worst, so it is easy to identify the problem areas around your home.

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Dario Inspects is an experienced operator of thermal imaging equipment and can certainly provide a solution for your home. Call today to set up a thermal imaging home inspection consultation.

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